Finding The Perfect Child Support Attorneys In Your Area

A Child Support Attorney is a legal representative that assists parents (as well as their attorneys) with legal issues regarding child support enforcement. They assist parents with collecting child support payments, avoiding jail time and obtain other child support settlements. Many attorneys offer free consultation to potential clients, and are available to assist with any questions or concerns over the course of proceedings. Some may even offer a free consultation prior to entering into a formal agreement.

Child Support Attorney


If you are having difficulty making your child support payments, you should contact a St. Louis child support attorney to discuss your case. If you have received a divorce, lost your job, fell ill, experienced an accident, missed a deadline, or anything else that may prevent you from making your payments on time, you should contact a St. Louis child support attorney for assistance. An experienced attorney can help you work with the courts to establish the most reasonable and affordable child support solution for your individual circumstances. For more information, check out


St. Louis attorneys specialize in a number of different areas of the law. An attorney can help you if you are working with a Missouri child support lawyer to establish paternity. He or she can also help you if you are being investigated for child abuse or neglect. Most attorneys also handle cases that involve wrongful death, because Missouri has a civil cause of death statute. An attorney can also be helpful if you or a family member has been injured due to someone’s negligence or deliberate actions, such as in a car accident.


Many parents want to know if they can be ordered to pay child support. Although there are cases where a parent may be ordered to pay support, Child Support Laws in Missouri does not recognize any automatic right to this financially beneficial arrangement. Instead, a parent paying child support has to ask the court if they can be ordered to do so. The court has to determine if the parent paying doesn’t have enough income or financial means to make paying the obligation reasonable. If the judge rules that the parent paying doesn’t have the financial ability to make the payment on time, the court may end up setting up an agreement or garnishing the paychecks from income earned by the non-paying parent.


In order to request an order of child support, the parent must file a paternity form with the court. This application is filed along with documents pertaining to income and assets that support the claim. Documents that support the claim to paternity are typically called exhibits. Some examples of exhibit documents may include a copy of a pay stub, an accounting statement, a statement of income from work, a statement of financial sources and many more. A St. Louis child support attorney can advise and assist the custodial parent, or he or she may work on the application if the parent is the home dependent.


Once the application has been submitted and accepted by the court, a paternity test will be performed. Once this test is completed, the court will issue an order. The child support attorneys at this point will work on getting the order changed to reflect the new arrangement. Most parents are satisfied with these procedures since the process takes so little time and the money paid to the attorneys is adequate to meet all of a child’s needs.

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