5 Ways Tax Attorneys Can Help You

Tax Attorney

If file your tax documents by yourself usually is a simple and seamless process, you might not think about turning to an accountant or tax specialist for assistance preparing a tax return. But in some instances, hiring help from an accountant or tax specialist might be necessary. Here are a few situations in which you might need to hire a Loveland, CO tax attorney or tax services to help you prepare your documents.


Estate Planning. When it comes to estates, planning is the key. As you plan your estate, there are often estate planning issues to deal with. Can you avoid probate and keep assets from creditors? Can you name specific individuals or entities to make sure they get fair treatment in your will? Is there a way to avoid paying taxes on gift or inheritances that you may have been neglecting to report?


Estate tax planning is something that needs the expertise of a professional tax lawyer or tax services company. You can handle some of these issues yourself, but an attorney can help guide you through the process. A tax attorney can review and make recommendations for making your family’s situation work. They also can work with government agencies and help you determine what should be done in your situation, whether it’s a stay or repayment of your tax debts or any other options that could make your situation better.


Tax Deficiencies. Some common issues involving tax liability involve incorrect reporting of income, underpayment of federal taxes, charges for fraudulent deductions or credits, and tax liabilities resulting from purchasing an offshore account. Many times tax attorneys can get your IRS problems resolved quickly and save you from potential legal troubles. While it’s best to avoid these types of issues on your own, you can still have your attorney review your tax statements and documents before you send them out to the IRS for processing.


Tax Planning. A tax attorney can also represent you in situations where you’re facing tax lawsuits or criminal charges. For example, if you’re being investigated for filing incorrect tax returns, or if you suspect you committed tax fraud, an experienced lawyer can help you fight back. He or she will gather information to build your defense against the allegations or counter-charges, and can negotiate a resolution with the IRS. When tax law is involved, only a tax attorney would be able to advise you on the applicable tax laws in your state and how they apply to your case.


Whether you’re being audited by the IRS or facing criminal action, hiring tax attorneys can really give you a much needed leg up. While there are several ways to resolve your tax issues, it helps to have someone on your side that is skilled in all of the various areas of tax law. Don’t risk losing your job or even facing serious criminal consequences because you didn’t take the time to do your homework when dealing with the IRS. Hiring a business attorney is the best way to keep your peace of mind and your business.

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